Easy Tiramisu

easy tiramisu

In my house there is nothing that goes faster than a Tiramisu.  After I discovered this recipe from a friend of mine, I seem to make this dessert a little more often.  This Easy Tiramisu takes no time at all to put together and even less time to eat. Living in Italy, I can’t tell… 

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Roasted cauliflower

roasted cauliflower

I discovered Roasted Cauliflower probably three or four years ago and to tell the truth I don’t remember from where or from whom,  all I know is that since that time my husband and I love it so much it is basically one of the few ways that I make cauliflower or broccoli.  Although I have changed… 

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Project Parade Linky Party #19


Hi again everyone, welcome to our Project Parade Linky party #19,  get ready to link up your new post  this week, from the first 100 link ups one blogger at random will be chosen to be featured, so link up early!   And how about checking out some of the other new posts too!  Have fun!… 

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Classic Lasagna

classic lasagna

Classic Lasagna,  so many different type and they’re all so good!  There are so many delicious ways of making lasagna.  I have to admit I have eaten more types of lasagna than I can count on one hand. There’s the veggie lasagna, white lasagna, asparagus lasagna and the Classic Lasagna just to name a few. The… 

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Blueberry Chocolate Chip Muffins

blueberry chocolate chip muffins

Mmmuffins.  When I worked and lived in Toronto I used to go to a wonderful bakery actually  called mmmuffins.   Oh how I loved and love any type of muffin!  A nice big cup of coffee and a nice big muffin and there you have my favourite breakfast, well ok, I do love pancakes too…. 

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Mocaccina Cake

mocaccino cake

I guess you are wondering why I am posting a recipe and dessert no less on friday when I usually do this on Sunday.  Well, I made this amazingly delicious, creamy, chocolate/coffee cake for my eldest daughter’s birthday.  Not only is she back home for Christmas but she was back for her 22nd birthday. How… 

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Sweet or Savory Crescents

sweet or savory crescents

With the arrival of Christmas and all the festivities and parties that come along the fun we have a lot of laughing and talking with friends and family during this beautiful holiday. Not only do we have to think about gift shopping and decorating but also cooking and baking!  From the appetizer to the main course to the dessert…. 

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